Around My School

I guess the order of publishing doesn’t matter because if I wait, I won’t get to write a post for a looooooooong time 😉

So it’s been a super-while since I’m updating this, and the first photo I want to put here is how my room changed!

From this:

To this:


Mom and Dad came to put a carpet and move my bed! I’m glad I have strong parents! 🙂

When this area of Washington is sunny, it’s absolutely beautiful!





Seriously, this place is gorgeous when it’s sunny!!

Found a local bakery that I want to check out:


Wow! One quarter goes by really fast! Anybody else notice that?

My second quarter of my freshman year is:

  • Math 125 (Calculus part 2)
  • Japn 402 (Japanese Literature)
  • CSCI 101 (super-basic computer skills. I need it for Math 207, which is computing math on the…computer!)
  • Eng 101 (everyone has to take it – such a reading-oriented class!!)

This quarter is a reading-heavy quarter. Along with regular textbook readings, I have to read two books for English (not the whole book for both. And we have to write something about it everytime) and four Modern Japanese literatures (early 1900s) in ENGLISH!! (three for the class, one for a presentation) That’s six extra books I have to read!!! 😯 It’s quite hectic I tell ya!! (But then next quarter, I get my calculation-heavy classes back! Yeay!) 😉

How are your classes going? Are they hard? Are you already looking forward to next quarter? 😀

MS Pink

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Hug a Vegan *****!

It’s National Vegan Month, so Katie is celebrating by having “Hug something Vegan“! 😀

What is there to hug that’s vegan, you ask? Many many things, I tell you. 🙂


No-bake Pumpkin Pie

Simple Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Nut-Sprinkled Chocolate Donut


Vegan Pizza

Vegan Omlet with Sham

and last but not least, my vegan boyfriend. 🙂

(how many times have I used this photo?!) I’ll get an updated one once I have access to a camera (or perhaps get a new camera?). 🙂

Have a happy Vegan Month!! 🙂 ❤ 🙂

MS Pink

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MS Blue! Coming in slow! (too slow according to MS Pink!)

Wow I’m actually getting around to making a post (mainly because MS Pink has been tormenting me about updating the blog sooner or later, but that’s what you get when you have a procrastinating busy boyfriend. BTW I’m really sorry you’re stuck with me Pink.)

Okay, so now that I’ve apologized and all lets get to writing a post here (*cracks knuckles*). So let’s see, where should I begin?

Well, first off, let me announce the fact that I went vegan!!!!

Yeah!!! Oh, and while we’re at it tomorrow (or more likely today for you guys since I’m typing this up at like 11:30ish, but if you manage to find it before 12 then congratulations!) Which will be my first one ever, even though I have no plans prepared (maybe I’ll eat one of the alternative bakeries cookies?)

Their soooooo good and my favorite one is probably the Peanut butter and chocolate chip one (right there, hogging all the spotlight for itself). But to reach these treasures from my room I have to take a dangerous journey. First, I must travel down a long, dark hallway filled with nasty odors (otherwise known as a guy only floor of a dorm. Then I must travel into the bowels of the underworld (or down a few floors). And then sacrifice my life (or pay some money) to finally obtain my treasure.

BTW, if you guys didn’t get that, it’s basically about me going down to the bottom floor of my dorm, to a convenient store, which is so convenient (hey thats why it’s called a convenient store), where they actually sell some vegan stuff (like wraps, burritos, tofu, chips, and cookies!!!!!)!

What are your plans for vegan day?

Also, the dining hall is also pretty nice with their vegan options, providing me with such luxuries as beans, pasta, squash, salads, boca burgers (which I get nearly everyday for lunch), vegan chicken stir-fry, and a bunch of other delicious delites, so much so that many students actually complain about how many vegan options there are (hurray for being vegan). And to make everything better the meats actually cast a bit more than the vegan food (such as how adding chicken to your pasta can cost you up to like $2.50). So while everyone else is running out of money, I’ve got plenty to spare (also helps that I go home on the weekends and only have two meals a day).

So I guess that will be the end of the vegan part of my blog for today (T-T), so I guess I’ll move onto academics.

*Slams face into the wall*

Ugh, sorry but I just had two midterms last tuesday (in chem. and calculus), and trust me I basically drove myself insane for the tests (mainly calculus because the thursday prior to the test I realized I had no idea how to do any of it. Yeah vectors in math really is not as easy as one would think, and I still have absolutely no idea what a frikken orthogonal line is!!!).

So, if you’ve been wondering what I’ve been doing in the past month its basically just spending my time in a small room with nothing but  a desk and my homework to keep me company. And surprisingly to me, my Japanese class ended up being the most time-consuming of them all (how in the world can Japanese be harder than thermodynamics (chem.) and vector calculus). But I have to work hard to get into my major, hip hip hooray for public schools.

Oh yeah, I haven’t even mentioned what I’m planning to major in yet. Well here it is.

Actually its Bioengineering but I though this picture was funny. And while I know it’s a controversial field and some/most of you probably won’t approve (such as MS Pink, but she’s better with it as long as I promise not to do anything too evil. Hmm….. maybe I’ll make the Bananafish), but I’m actually more interested in finding out the purposes of genes in our bodies, so I actually want to be a biotechnologist. But sadly, there is no undergraduate degree for that at my school so I’m shooting for the next closest thing.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that to even get into the major you basically have to have a GPA of 3.6 or higher, which is basically the equivalent to murder during college. So wish me luck.

Well, it’s now officially past 12 according to my watch (hey happy vegan day), and I’m going to take a quick journey to dream land for now. Bye.

Also, how are all of you doing and it’s nice meeting all of you (again), and sorry yet again for waiting over a month to write another post, but I’m not done yet.

I’m still alive!

Are you? (which is kind of an odd way of me asking “Hey, how have all of you been doing recently?”).

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MS Pink Steps It Up!

Happy Thursday! How’s everyone doing?

MS Pink here, is doing pretty well! Though I lost my camera (now I’m going to have to find pictures online, ha ha -but until I find it/get a new one, whenever that will be) and I was all miserable about it, because of that, I made some attitude shifts and made LOTS of friends!

Losing my camera made me realize lots of things and how important it is for me to change up a bit and open myself up a little more; getting out of my room, going to new places/events, and hang out with people. It’s hard because I’m not really like that, but heck! No one knows how I was in high school, so I think that this is a good time to change. Anyone agree?

So right now, the outside of my window looks like this:


It’s foggy and very pretty. 🙂 This place is quite cold (and I heard that it snows like crazy – yikes! 😯 ), but I’ll learn to live with it. 😉 And the atmosphere/air; the vibe of this place feels soooooooooooo good! Any place where you feel a good vibe? For me, it’s for sure here!

Okay, so my title: I am stepping up, one step at a time, and I am going to be a “better person”. I’m going get out of my room, meet more people, make more/lots of friends, and…CHANGE! (It shall be fun…)

Like yesterday, there were numbers of accomplishments that I did by “stepping up”:

  • I went to a “Japanese Communication Club”, where the Japanese learning students at school talks with the Japanese exchange students, so they can improve on the language that the other person is fluent/native in
  • I became better friends with my RA, and his friends invited me to play a game of Uno. (haven’t played that in ages!) I decided to join, and I actually had a lot of fun! (who expected a “children 3+” game to be so exciting?!)
  • I let three people come in to my room to 1.) discuss an issue I had about school (lack of confidence) – and I just met her not too long ago before that (like 5 minutes before? lol), but she was really nice.
  • Went to the dining hall alone, and I made some friends there (who turned out to be an ex-vegan (who lives in a singles room like I do. Yeay!), and one of her friend is vegetarian which was really cool. (slowly finding “ex-vegans” here!)

Pretty good accomplishments in my opinion. 😉 I’m trying!!

And guess what?! (I found out yesterday) that the school’s gym (REC center) is having a demo week (unlimited, too!!!) of going to the special Group X Pass Fitness (for free. FREE!!!), and to step up for today, I’m going to…

Now that I said this, I’ll actually go, so I won’t be lying to myself and my readers. 😉 It’s at 7 -8pm, so wish me luck! 😀 (and it’s free AND unlimited! Why wouldn’t I go? I’ve went to Zumba before, and I totally enjoyed it! This girl is got me hooked up to it, and I think what she accomplished is totally motivating/inspiring me to give it another try! Thanks, girl!) 😉

Today’s Stepping Ups are:

  • Raise my hand and answer a question in class
  • Go to the professor’s office to go ask for help
  • Leaving my dorm room door
  • Saying “Hi!” to the janitor that was vaccuming the floor (and something awesome happened; I needed a different recycling bin for a while now, and the janitor came at a great timing! I asked, and got it in less than 30 minutes!) See, karma totally DOES exist. 😉
  • Going to Zumba (*gasp!!!*)!!!

These are what I can think of as of now (things I did/am going to do). As of now, ALL my professors know me! I just think that’s so cool! 😀 (The math prof. that I talked to [only 40 students in the class] was like “Who are you?”; I thought it was really funny, but sad that the prof. doesn’t know their students. BUT, because my school is a VERY student-oriented school, it is A LOT easier to get to know the professors!) I’m glad I’m at a decent-sized school. 🙂 I prefer the prof. to know who I am than just sit in the class and be like “Who are you??”. I just think it’s so cool for them to know me!!!!!! 😀

(Btw, 70% of this post was done in the morning, and rest in the afternoon.)

Anyone have good ways to increase your self confident? That’s my problem, and I have to overcome it. (tests = can’t do well, because I’m lacking self confidence) If you have a method that works for you, please share! I’d LOVE to hear it!!!! 😀

I’m going to face my problem, improve, and be as confident in my abilities as anyone else would be! I hope I can change, and wish me luck! Anyone is welcome to join me on this journey! 😀

Have a good day, loves!


MS Pink

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MS Blue on Campus

Hello blog world!

How are you all doing today? Having fun I hope.

Well, this will officially my first time posting EVER!!!! I’m a little nervous/apprehensive right now, but oh well I’ll get used to it some day.

Anyways, I too have begun life on campus (moved-in last thursday but haven’t really had too much time to post with moving in and everything). However, unlike MS Pink who lives in a nice forestry area my college is in the middle of a huge city! (I would put a picture in at this point but I still need to find a camera so please try and bare with all of this text). But it does have its advantages, such as having a whole slew of vegan/vegetarian friendly places nearby, even though the dorm food could be a little better than just marinara sauce and pasta everyday.

Furthermore, unlike lucky Pink over there I get to have TWO, count them two, roommates, so yes I’m in a triple (at least the rooms in my dorm are considered the biggest ones on campus). But I’m living with it, even though one of them has basically been on his computer 24/7 since we moved in. As for the other one, he’s pretty cool but he hangs out with his friends a lot, so he’s not around too often. (someone’s complaining a bit)

Well, I’m home for the weekend right now (PINK’S HOME!!!), and will probably be heading back next monday. Until then farewell and thank you for reading this picture-less post (I promise you I’ll be looking for a camera this weekend for all of you users).

Well thanks for coming and I hope to see you guys again someday soon.


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MS Pink On Campus!

Happy Monday! It’s really cold up here, and it rained like crazy!

It took us about an hour and fifteen minutes to get to the parking lot, and while waiting, it rained like crazy!!! And while driving there, I flipped out, because I’ve never driven in such a strong rain storm!!!

Good news is, that I was able to safely move into my dorm!

Was in the process of cleaning. It’s better now. 😉

This is what the other side looks like.

There’s a Toy Story 3 towel there because there’s a huge mirror under it, and I wanted to hide it. 🙂

And yes, if you’re wondering, I got a singles room! Pretty rare for a freshman to get it; I’m so lucky!!!! 😀

The view from my window is very eye-calming; lots of green.

A couple of tennis courts, and on the left (not in picture), there’s a basketball court as well.

The amazing thing about this school is that they are VERY Green. They are known for their recycling program, environmental clubs/courses, and many many people walk and/or bike. And one of their dorms/areas are SUPER-friendly to veg*ns!!! (I haven’t checked that out yet, but I will in the mean time)

While walking around campus, I took a couple of beautiful pictures of the nature around here.

The next picture absolutely touched my heart.

Do you see the super-straight branches growing from a different branch/bark? The strongness of mother nature is absolutely AMAZING. I’ve never seen anything like this at home, and it just stunned me.

Just AMAZING. Does nature ever touch you?

Go up the hill, and this is my parking lot. Apparently, I was really lucky because freshman NEVER gets this spot (which is really close to the dorm). I’m glad that all my acts of kindess paid off here. 😉

Today was the first day of Info. Fair.

Super-crowded, and TONS of free stuff! (I spinned the wheel, and got a gift card for one of the dorm market! The person said that he doesn’t know how much is on it [range is $1 – $50], so I’m excited to find out!)

Also, I bought text books and my parking permit.

The price of text books are…scary.

Ew. $304.94? But I learned how expensive they were AND good places/websites to buy books, so that’s good. 🙂 It was worth what was paid. (and I always wanted to buy my own text books, so it’s a-okay)

They punched out a heart! I just thought it was so cute, so I had to snap a photo of it to share with you!

Also, I explored the city for a bit.

One big square with many stores.

I shopped at one grocery store to buy bread, veganase, spanich, and tofurky (which was a total of about $20!!! Ahh!! 😯 I need to find the Fred Meyer that’s near by…Hmm…).

A store by a college called…College Store! I thought it was cute/funny, and I checked it out, but it wasn’t as great as I thought it’d be. The student store is much better in my opinion.

Then, I went to the City Co-Op that Michael and I went the last time when we came here to stock on good snacks. (everyone needs some sort of snack to eat, right?) 😉

The new Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Larabar, Mary’s Crackers Love Cookies, Peanut butter chocolate rice crispy, and a dark chocolate belly timber. All new products, and I’m looking forward to trying them!

Picture below: The CC PB larabar that I had in the morning.

Yum! Peanut buttery, but not too strong, and the chocolate taste stood out. Next time? Perhaps 🙂

The PB Chocolate Rice Crispy. OH. MY. GOSH. It was yummy!! The chocolate was thick, and it was chewy & crunchy, with a little bit of sticky-ness to it!

And this thing was huge!! I’m saving some for someone special. 😉

Mary’s Crackers Love Cookies. Gluten-free and vegan. YUM. 🙂

Yum! It tasted kind of dry and flaky, but I think that’s because it’s gluten-free. I’ve never had Mary’s Cracker products, so maybe this is normal? Perhaps she would know about it. 😉

And I am SO HAPPY that…I can watch PBS!!!! (For some reason, I couldn’t watch it at home. Boo!) 😦

Actually, I was all psyched up to be able to watch Arthur (I still like that show, because that TOTALLY helped me when I was little -when I didn’t know English-.), but they don’t show it at 3 anymore, so 😦 Oh well. I can always watch it online, right? 😉

And one more thing about college: You walk A LOT. My pokewalker (comes with the new pokemon game; you can take your pokemon and “walk” with it. It keeps track of how many steps you take, so it’s a great way for me to see how much exercise/walking I get)

WOW!!! 😯 I don’t get this much this often! (usually, it’s around 3500 – 5000). I’m going to walk like CRAZY and get all tough, huh?!?! 😉

Speaking of tough, I did a workout program this morning for 30 minutes! (yeay for singles room!) And I have a question for anyone who works out at the gym. There is a gym at my school, but I’m SUPER shy about going to it, because I am NOT an exercise person. Does anyone have tips? Because I really want to go, but I’m just so shy and nervous about it!

And for the people who’s reading this blog, can spread the words that this blog exists? Because I would like to have some readers that read this frequently…I know it’s a personal thing, but if you can, can you? That would be greatly appriciated.

Well, the sun is setting over here, and now I shall go. 🙂

Until next time!

MS Pink

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Hello World!

Hi! Welcome to (M.S.)^2 @ College!

Here, MS Pink and MS Blue will write about our college experiences! Hope to make it an interesting blog!

We’re going to work on making this blog interesting and fun as we can, so wish us luck!

Till next time,

MS Pink & MS Blue

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