MS Blue on Campus

Hello blog world!

How are you all doing today? Having fun I hope.

Well, this will officially my first time posting EVER!!!! I’m a little nervous/apprehensive right now, but oh well I’ll get used to it some day.

Anyways, I too have begun life on campus (moved-in last thursday but haven’t really had too much time to post with moving in and everything). However, unlike MS Pink who lives in a nice forestry area my college is in the middle of a huge city! (I would put a picture in at this point but I still need to find a camera so please try and bare with all of this text). But it does have its advantages, such as having a whole slew of vegan/vegetarian friendly places nearby, even though the dorm food could be a little better than just marinara sauce and pasta everyday.

Furthermore, unlike lucky Pink over there I get to have TWO, count them two, roommates, so yes I’m in a triple (at least the rooms in my dorm are considered the biggest ones on campus). But I’m living with it, even though one of them has basically been on his computer 24/7 since we moved in. As for the other one, he’s pretty cool but he hangs out with his friends a lot, so he’s not around too often. (someone’s complaining a bit)

Well, I’m home for the weekend right now (PINK’S HOME!!!), and will probably be heading back next monday. Until then farewell and thank you for reading this picture-less post (I promise you I’ll be looking for a camera this weekend for all of you users).

Well thanks for coming and I hope to see you guys again someday soon.


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4 Responses to MS Blue on Campus

  1. Jos says:

    So you two are in different campus? I always thought you guys are going to the same one..oh well, seems like you’ll have fun with 2 roommates 😀 Btw nice “to meet” you, MS Blue! 😀

  2. highonhealthy says:

    Hey MS Blue! It’s nice to finally meet MS Pink’s other half. 😉

    You did a great first post, especially considering there were no photos. Keep it up!

    • (M.S.)^2 says:

      Nice to meet you too highonhealthy!

      Thank you for the comment (it really means a lot to me), as for the pictures I’ll do my best to find a camera as soon as possible.

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