MS Blue! Coming in slow! (too slow according to MS Pink!)

Wow I’m actually getting around to making a post (mainly because MS Pink has been tormenting me about updating the blog sooner or later, but that’s what you get when you have a procrastinating busy boyfriend. BTW I’m really sorry you’re stuck with me Pink.)

Okay, so now that I’ve apologized and all lets get to writing a post here (*cracks knuckles*). So let’s see, where should I begin?

Well, first off, let me announce the fact that I went vegan!!!!

Yeah!!! Oh, and while we’re at it tomorrow (or more likely today for you guys since I’m typing this up at like 11:30ish, but if you manage to find it before 12 then congratulations!) Which will be my first one ever, even though I have no plans prepared (maybe I’ll eat one of the alternative bakeries cookies?)

Their soooooo good and my favorite one is probably the Peanut butter and chocolate chip one (right there, hogging all the spotlight for itself). But to reach these treasures from my room I have to take a dangerous journey. First, I must travel down a long, dark hallway filled with nasty odors (otherwise known as a guy only floor of a dorm. Then I must travel into the bowels of the underworld (or down a few floors). And then sacrifice my life (or pay some money) to finally obtain my treasure.

BTW, if you guys didn’t get that, it’s basically about me going down to the bottom floor of my dorm, to a convenient store, which is so convenient (hey thats why it’s called a convenient store), where they actually sell some vegan stuff (like wraps, burritos, tofu, chips, and cookies!!!!!)!

What are your plans for vegan day?

Also, the dining hall is also pretty nice with their vegan options, providing me with such luxuries as beans, pasta, squash, salads, boca burgers (which I get nearly everyday for lunch), vegan chicken stir-fry, and a bunch of other delicious delites, so much so that many students actually complain about how many vegan options there are (hurray for being vegan). And to make everything better the meats actually cast a bit more than the vegan food (such as how adding chicken to your pasta can cost you up to like $2.50). So while everyone else is running out of money, I’ve got plenty to spare (also helps that I go home on the weekends and only have two meals a day).

So I guess that will be the end of the vegan part of my blog for today (T-T), so I guess I’ll move onto academics.

*Slams face into the wall*

Ugh, sorry but I just had two midterms last tuesday (in chem. and calculus), and trust me I basically drove myself insane for the tests (mainly calculus because the thursday prior to the test I realized I had no idea how to do any of it. Yeah vectors in math really is not as easy as one would think, and I still have absolutely no idea what a frikken orthogonal line is!!!).

So, if you’ve been wondering what I’ve been doing in the past month its basically just spending my time in a small room with nothing but  a desk and my homework to keep me company. And surprisingly to me, my Japanese class ended up being the most time-consuming of them all (how in the world can Japanese be harder than thermodynamics (chem.) and vector calculus). But I have to work hard to get into my major, hip hip hooray for public schools.

Oh yeah, I haven’t even mentioned what I’m planning to major in yet. Well here it is.

Actually its Bioengineering but I though this picture was funny. And while I know it’s a controversial field and some/most of you probably won’t approve (such as MS Pink, but she’s better with it as long as I promise not to do anything too evil. Hmm….. maybe I’ll make the Bananafish), but I’m actually more interested in finding out the purposes of genes in our bodies, so I actually want to be a biotechnologist. But sadly, there is no undergraduate degree for that at my school so I’m shooting for the next closest thing.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that to even get into the major you basically have to have a GPA of 3.6 or higher, which is basically the equivalent to murder during college. So wish me luck.

Well, it’s now officially past 12 according to my watch (hey happy vegan day), and I’m going to take a quick journey to dream land for now. Bye.

Also, how are all of you doing and it’s nice meeting all of you (again), and sorry yet again for waiting over a month to write another post, but I’m not done yet.

I’m still alive!

Are you? (which is kind of an odd way of me asking “Hey, how have all of you been doing recently?”).

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7 Responses to MS Blue! Coming in slow! (too slow according to MS Pink!)

  1. Jos says:

    Wow Bioengineering…that’s beyond my comprehension… 🙂 Good for you to pick such a challenging major! I’m sure it’ll pay off in the future

  2. Great to have you back!! I can’t wait to try these cookies, they sound fabulous!

    Congrats on going Vegan, this is huge!!


  3. lpskins says:

    I DO NOT miss the old school days– not so old since I just graduated with my masters in may. HATE papers and tests but I do miss dorm living. Now that has been a long time. Vegan in dorms must be quite the challenge. Good luck!

    • (M.S.)^2 says:

      I’m not looking forward to the day when I have to walk down the aisle for the last time 😦 But, knowing me thats probably way too far into my future to even consider, since I’ll probable be in school FOREVER (hey, trying to get a Ph. D takes a while).

      And surprisingly, it hasn’t been that hard to be vegan in the dorms so far, so I think I’ll be able to get through it.

  4. lpskins says:

    And p.s. I LOVE those cookies!

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