Around My School

I guess the order of publishing doesn’t matter because if I wait, I won’t get to write a post for a looooooooong time 😉

So it’s been a super-while since I’m updating this, and the first photo I want to put here is how my room changed!

From this:

To this:


Mom and Dad came to put a carpet and move my bed! I’m glad I have strong parents! 🙂

When this area of Washington is sunny, it’s absolutely beautiful!





Seriously, this place is gorgeous when it’s sunny!!

Found a local bakery that I want to check out:


Wow! One quarter goes by really fast! Anybody else notice that?

My second quarter of my freshman year is:

  • Math 125 (Calculus part 2)
  • Japn 402 (Japanese Literature)
  • CSCI 101 (super-basic computer skills. I need it for Math 207, which is computing math on the…computer!)
  • Eng 101 (everyone has to take it – such a reading-oriented class!!)

This quarter is a reading-heavy quarter. Along with regular textbook readings, I have to read two books for English (not the whole book for both. And we have to write something about it everytime) and four Modern Japanese literatures (early 1900s) in ENGLISH!! (three for the class, one for a presentation) That’s six extra books I have to read!!! 😯 It’s quite hectic I tell ya!! (But then next quarter, I get my calculation-heavy classes back! Yeay!) 😉

How are your classes going? Are they hard? Are you already looking forward to next quarter? 😀

MS Pink

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